1:1 Coaching

Coaching for Women in Business

Identify areas of your work and life where you would like to grow, improve and operate at a higher level.

Who's it for:

My Coaching Sessions are for women in business looking for a renewed sense of purpose, fulfilment and joy in each day.   


Coaching is a process of reflection, exploration, experimentation and learning.  Over time it allows you to better understand yourself, define you goals and actions to bring about positive change in your work and personal life.

Benefits include:

  • Improve focus - e.g. how you approach your day, manage time and add value.
  • Build confidence as well as a belief in your ability to grow and improve e.g. in terms of what you currently offer to the business as well as more generally in your life.
  • Renewed purpose and motivation through exploring a lack of fulfilment or joy in your work or life.
  • Boost performance - e.g. develop into a new role or meet expectations in an existing role.
  • Improve balance, joy and fulfilment through reviewing your life as a whole.
  • Increased self-awareness and resourcefulness.
  • Improved personal effectiveness e.g in identifying priorities.

    What's involved:

    Coaching conversations involve discussion, questioning and reflection that aim to build self awareness so that you can identify areas of focus and improvement and outcomes that you would like to achieve. 


    Sessions will support you to create actionable plans to achieve your defined goals and be accountable for achieving them.

    Through learning and experimentation you can try out new ways of being and create positive changes in the way you approach life and work. 

    Sessions are supported by diagnostics and tools and encourage self reflection to bring about sustained learning and provide frameworks for future use.  

    Where: Sessions are usually via phone or video call.  

    Sessions are usually 1 hour at a frequency that best suits your schedule and needs. 

    Cost: £150/ session, for a minimum of 3 sessions.

    Next step: Please get in touch to arrange your free chemistry session.

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