Portfolio Finance Director


Part-time support to get your finances under control and allow for strategic planning and sustainable growth.

What I Offer:

 - Big-picture insight into your business finances. 

 - Support developing a business strategy that suits your needs and plans for sustainable growth. 

 - Help with specific projects or financial challenges.

 - Get your financials and key metrics at your fingertips to support decision making.

 - Time to clarify your place in the business and desired outcomes for life and work. 

 - Space to reflect on the challenges you are facing and define actions to create positive change.

 - Recommendations for simple processes and effective strategies to streamline your business.

 - Work with your bookkeeper and accountant or find you those that fits your needs.


 - Find more joy and energy in what you do each day.  

 - Understand your numbers and make better decisions.

 - Improve your turnover, manage cashflow and increase profit.

 - Gain control of your workload and better key areas of focus.

 - Feel more confident running your business.

I offer reassurance, support & direction as well as challenging your current ways of thinking and working.

Who are the sessions for:

My FD Services are for Small Businesses run by Female Founders.   You might just be starting out or looking for help to move in the right direction. 

How does it work: 

I always start with a free 30 minute consultation to get to know you and your business  and check that we're the right fit to work together.   

Following this meeting we can agree a package of support that best fits your needs and budget.

Please get in touch to arrange an initial meeting.