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Bring more intention to how you run your business.


My bespoke coaching sessions are for Female Founders seeking support with setting personal and business goals to help maximise joy, define purpose and plan for success. 


Sessions will help you to reconnect with yourself and your business and identify the right path forward.

You may focus on how to optimise your own life and wellbeing to best support your business or look at business goals to support sustainable growth.

Regular check-ins will help you to identify your goals, plan relevant actions and make steps towards achieving them. 

Sessions could cover:

  • Reflection on current challenges and an action planning to move forwards.
  • Understanding of how you spend your working week to boost focus and efficiency and reduce stress.  
  • Exploration of your leadership style with a view to maximising impact. 
  • Naming core values for yourself and the business to support culture, communications and strategy.
  • Discussion of toolkits to support physical and emotional wellbeing.

Sessions are held at intervals to suit the needs of each client.  


Sessions may help to build confidence, improve focus and bring clarity to support you in running your business. 

Where: Sessions are usually via phone or video call.  

Next step: Let's meet and start planning for success today!

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